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Shim On Stone Medical Instruments’ Mat wraps 16 to 36 strains by heat-contracting fiber. To this structure, heat medium oil is added to abs orb and contract the heat. Since the heat expands into the entire mat momentarily, heat is delivered equally over the entire met, The expanded heat is delivered over the mat as it explores. Unlike direct heating method of general mat where heat is delivered only at high temperature, he at is absorbed, contracted, expanded, and explored to our body on the mat at lower temperature, which is condensing method to realize high heat emission rate. In addition, taking a look at heat medium oil used to Shim On Medical Instrument Mat, the specific heat of water is 1 which is generally used for warm water mat. (Specific heat: calories required to enhance 1 degree of 1 gram object.) Specific heat of general heat me dium oil is 0.52, In other words, it has 48% reduction effect. It means that the same temperature is kept by less electricity than boiling water under the same conditions, Besides, heat medium oil is excellent not only in increasing and delivering generated heat temperature but in main taining. It means that the increased temperature heat can keep the warmth for a long time without electricity use. The heat emitted and mainta ined on the mat is delivered to ceramic or charcoal. Its high emission rate is delivered to our body to help positive effect of ceramic and charcoz generated.br /> Energy wavelength is generated from heat rays of Shim On Medical Instruments’ Mat. It delivered deep into our body. Warm infrared effect helps blood circulation to treat diseases generated by bad blood circulation, It makes our body and heart warm. You can improve blood circutat ion by excellent heating effect of Shim On Stone Medical Instruments’ Mat, relieve muscle pain, and enjoy negative transposition effect.


- The controller prevents increasing temperature, high-voltage, etc.
- Non-magnetic cables applied which are less affected by electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic groups — Negative transposition function-imbedded
- Advanced materials used
- Advanced materials used
- The adoption of digital controller
- Able to set the use time by the timer function

A Healthy Life Starts from a Good Night's Sleep.

You may experience thermal effect fully. The inside negative transposition device will multiply the effect.

Basic components

Mat structure


Sang On Company

Address : 86Beongil 8, Susero, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-city, Gyeonggi-do