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Vital Temperature which Protects Our Body
Body Temperature, 37 Degrees which Controls Life

Vital Temperature/Vital Temperature which Protects Our Body/Body Temperature, 37 Degrees which Controls Life You may overlook 1 degree difference of your body temperature. However, you must say it since you are not fully aware of the importance of body temperature. In a normal human body temperature, just 36.5 to 37.1 degrees fall makes us less immunized. We are placed in the environment to take a lot of disease due to the body's decreased immune system. When the hypothermia is ignored, what we can feel directly ranges from the light symptoms like rough skin, constipation, and gum troubles to the serious ones like stomach ulcers, diabetes, osteoporosis, ulcerative colitis, cancer, interstitial pneumonia, and dementia. It can be the cause of serious diseases. It is because body temperature is deeply associated with immunity. When body temperature falls down into 1 degree, the immunity falls into 30%. Once the immunity falls, the bacteria and viruses invading the body may not protect your body. The malfunction of the immune system may lead to a disease as it destroys your body tissues. Conversely, when body temperature rises 1 degree, the immunity gets improved up to 500-600%. For example, when caught a cold, the fever we have is the human instinct to increase body temperature in order to improve the human body immunity. Like this, when body temperature is raised, internal enzyme gets active in our body. It reacts to each tissue cell and activates body metabolism. Each body function gets awake to make our body healthy. It also prevents different diseases. Body enzyme is an essential factor to keep our life. The optimum temperature to activate the enzyme in the human body is 37 degrees. Do you know the fact that when food is absorbed into our body, it is mixed with saliva in our mouth and acts. All the phenomenon secreted from liver, stomach, kidney, pancreas, heart, lung or small intestine and large intestine are generated by enzyme interference. Not only stomach, liver, kidney, pancreas, lungs but also muscles, blood vessel, nerve, bone, skin, etc. are included in all the cells. They continue to act.

What is enzyme? Understanding of Enzyme

" The enzyme acts as a catalyst and controller for chemical reactions generated within the living organism. It is a live and active material. The enzyme absorbs and digests food. It discards dead tissues and creates new ones. It is very important material to grind and discharge waste products in the body."

When it comes to enzyme, we might remind of enzyme for digestion. However, there is nothing we can achieve without enzyme from our thinking or judgment to moving our body. In addition to digestion, enzyme interferes into all vital activitie s for intestines, nerves, muscles, brain, immune, respiration, sleep, etc. Therefore, without enzyme, we can' t live even for one moment. Enzyme refers to the catalytic polymer protein which is created in the cells of every creature from human being, of course, to plants, animals, even microbes. Catalyst is combined with oxygen and glucose nutrient in the body and becomes critical nutrient. It refers to such reaction. Without enzymes, to think with and to think and judge behavior not to be able to move the body which will make one. Engage in any activities because life built, nerves, muscles, brain, immune, respiratory, sleep, including a digestive enzyme that we will not be going to live a moment without the enzyme. Would refer to a polymer protein, which is created by the catalytic action in the cells of every living human being, of course, from our animal, plant, microbial enzymes is, it is important to combine with oxygen by the enzyme glucose nutrient in the body of our catalyst is would say such action as is.

What enzyme is short

1. Sleepiness after Meals, Burp And Gas
2. Abdominal Distension, Abdominal Cramps
3. Stomach Pain, Feeling Upset Stomach, Feeling To Vomit, Stomach Distension
4. Diarrhea, Constipation, Fecal Odor
5. Fatigue After Eating
6. Plant Allergies, Atopy, Asthma
7. Anticardium Pain, Chest Pain
8. Dizziness, Rough Skin
9. Menstrual Pain, Menstrual Irregularity
10. Shoulder Pain, Headache, Insomnia
11. Hemorrhoids

Enzyme, the source of vital move of our body!
It is as essential and critical as we can lose our life when it lacks.

What does enzyme do in the intestines?

Only with 1 degree higher body temperature, you may activate enzyme in your body and get immunized against stress and pollutants.

1 degree miracle to activate enzyme with 1 degree higher body temperature Your Break & Therapy Choice, Sang On Medical Instruments

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